Change the way you shop with Augmented Reality

The world continues to drift towards a digital era, which makes sense that the e-commerce field continues to expand. For an average person, e-commerce can be the best way to experience buying their items easily. And now with the introduction of AR, the experience has just been elevated. Online shopping is going to be more compelling and more productive. 

According to a recent research :
  • 63% of customers are sure that augmented reality may elevate their shopping experience.
  • 35% says that they would likely go shopping online more if there would be a possibility to virtually try stuff before buying it.
  • 22% would be less likely to visit traditional retail stores if AR would be available in online stores.

AR is one of the opportunities an e-commerce platform cannot miss out on. It will be even more popular because of its psychological impact on human beings as explained below:

  • A higher sense of ownership. When consumers engage to interact with a digital model of the product they feel closer relations with it, that to 2D printed image. Afterward, they start to feel some ‘property’ to the item.
  • Incredible storytelling. People like to become part of events with some stories or news. AR helps to change any aspect into a multimedia platform and get anybody interested in. You’ll be crazy about that!
  • Wonder. AR experiences are so charming and interesting, that you can’t help diving into everything so wonderful and unusual and get it real. A product that makes you feel happy, is a product worth to be bought!
  • Factual judgment. Everybody tries to feel safe, so it’s crucial to use previous strategies in AR marketing. With the help of AR service all products that are going to be purchased are deprived of doubts of the customers as far as a 3D visualization is used for AND test.
  • Social animals. Before choosing any product you can ask some reviews from those who have already bought it. Your mission is to consult other customers and make your own decision.

Now the question is why should we try Augmented Reality in e commerce?

  1. AR act as a guide when it comes to providing support to the shoppers. Thus, AR can allow business to offer its customers with informed purchase decisions. This way the user can virtually try out their products simultaneously as AR is there to help them choose which one is best.
  2. AR is helping many businesses to offer the customer with a personalized experience touch while shopping. The user can shop without any compromise when it comes about interests and choice.
  3. Customers are very concerned about the sizes and designs while shopping online. Thus, AR has the ability to integrate real objects into projected images. Focusing on eCommerce, AR creates a virtual shopping window to help users with an integration of artificial intelligence. This provides a more engaging way to browse through the various products to shoppers.

Last but not least, from a business prospect, it will lead to better conversion rates and revenues. Thus, it can be said that the future of online shopping will pivot on AR.